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How Much Is My (Used) PS Vita Worth In 2023?

Still got a PS Vita laying around and you’re wondering how much you can sell your old PlayStation Vita handheld for today? Or are you just curious to know what it’s still worth?

Even though the PlayStation Vita is over a decade old and the sales numbers were quite disappointing, the handheld device by Sony still has quite a large fan following. After all – Vita does mean life.

And whether you’re looking to purchase a (used) PS Vita or if you’re trying to sell your own, it could be pretty handy to know just how much one of these devices is still worth on the second-hand market.

Source: eBay

Of course – there are several different models of the PlayStation Vita handheld, including the original OLED model, the PS Vita slim version with an LCD display, and even the PlayStation Vita TV (yes, that absolutely used to be a thing).

Why was the PlayStation Vita a commercial failure?

Experts and critics claim that there were several reasons why the PS Vita didn’t turn out to be the commercial success that Sony hoped it would be. For starters, the PS Vita had some pretty incredible shoes to follow, as its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable was a huge success.

The starting price of the PlayStation Vita – 249.99 USD or 249,99 EUR in 2011 – was also deemed too high for a handheld device. If we consider inflation, that amounts to around $340 dollars in today’s money. Additionally, the PS Vita used proprietary memory cards which were much more expensive than the standard microSD cards and featured lower storage capacities. Downloading digital games from the PlayStation quickly became quite costly.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

And finally, the number of games for the PlayStation Vita was quite disappointing. Third-party developers didn’t embrace the PlayStation Vita as much as its direct competitor – the Nintendo 3DS – which meant that the Vita was only destined to receive first-party titles, lower-quality ports, or niche games.

However, this also meant that PS Vita was an excellent device for indie developers. Titles such as Guacamelee, Hotline Miami, and Shovel Knight, for example, were pretty popular on the powerful Sony handheld.

How Much Is My (Used) PS Vita Still Worth In 2023?

Since the Sony PlayStation Vita was released in 2011, Sony’s last handheld console can definitely already be considered to be ‘retro’.

While the PS Vita family is not as extensive as the Nintendo 3DS, there are still certain distinctions to be made. The original model of the PS Vita (PCH-1000) was equipped with an OLED display, although a cheaper revision (PCH-2000) was launched in 2013 with an LCD display, a slightly smaller size, more colorful designs, and a micro USB port for charging.

There even was a non-handheld version of the PS Vita called the PS Vita TV, although that device was even less successful than the regular handhelds.

In used condition, an original PlayStation Vita (OLED 1000) has recently sold for $100, but you’re gonna have to look quite extensively. It seems like the revised models with the LCD display are worth more on the market, as they often get sold for prices between $160 – 200. Lastly, the PlayStation Vita TV will cost upwards of $100, depending on the package contents.

If you want one in mint condition with original packaging, expect to pay a 10 – 20% surplus.

Refurbished PlayStation Vita handhelds – both original and LCD 2000 models – go for around €150 in Europe and a little over $200 in the United States.

The PlayStation Vita has amassed quite a fanbase in Japan, which also explains the numerous listings on eBay from Japanese sellers. Usually, there’s free international shipping available but check with your local laws and tariffs regarding VAT and import duties.

Important note: these prices obtained from eBay, Amazon, and websites of other major retailers are accurate at the time of writing. Please note that current pricing may not be identical and differ. Prices are shown in United States dollars, meaning consoles may have a different monetary value if you’re from another country.

PlayStation Vita modelAverage sold price on eBayLowest available price on online retailers 
PS Vita OLED (PCH-1000)$150$245 (renewed)
PS Vita Slim (LCD, PCH-2000)$140$280 (renewed)
PlayStation TV$135No longer available
Above: updated price comparison table for the value of different Sony PlayStation Vita devices.

Source: eBay

Why are PlayStation Vitas so expensive?

You would think that the second-hand market would be a little more price-friendly for a console that hasn’t seen a lot of success, but it’s more of a double-edged sword. Because the Vita wasn’t overly successful, Sony didn’t produce a ton of them. Fewer consoles on the market mean more scarcity, which in turn, leads to higher pricing.

Additionally, when Sony and third-party developers seemingly gave up on the PlayStation Vita a couple of years into its lifespan, the handheld console remained a favorite console for a niche gaming audience. There’s a reason why the “Vita means life” meme has been going around for so long – it was kept alive by a small, yet very enthusiastic and driven community. The handheld console from Sony was perfect for indie games, which partly compensated for the loss of third-party studio support.

The PS Vita homebrew community is alive and kicking. Source: Reddit

Additionally – and this is a bit of a grey area – but the PlayStation Vita also quickly rose in popularity after a firmware hack (jailbreak) was released. Not only was the PlayStation Vita hackable after a while, but the whole process was also incredibly easy. In fact, you can even hack the console through its built-in browser, with no computer necessary.

The homebrew and piracy community greatly revived interest in Sony’s handheld console, jacking up the prices on the second-hand market. With a firmware hack, the Vita can run pirated games, numerous emulators from older consoles (including the PSP), and homebrew apps. For example, there’s a version of GTA: San Andreas that runs remarkably well as a homebrew application.

Is the trade-in value for a PlayStation Vita worth it?

Trade-in offers from Gamestop and most other retailers are no longer available for the PS Vita consoles. In other words, they won’t even accept your console for store credit.

As a general rule, trading in consoles at a large store is not a good idea – since you can get higher prices on platforms such as eBay, even with shipping and processing fees.

How much is a PlayStation Vita OLED (PCH-1000) still worth?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The very first PlayStation Vita console was the first handheld console boasting an OLED display with perfect black pixels and (at the time) excellent image quality. Equipped with a touchscreen, touchpad, and a stronger processor, the PlayStation Vita was definitely a completely different console compared to the PlayStation Portable, its predecessor.

But how much is one of these original PS Vita models with an OLED display (with the model number PCH-1000) still worth today?

Value overview of a regular, original OLED PlayStation Vita

  • Introductory price: $249.99 (in 2011)
  • Average sold price on eBay: $120 – $180
    • With charger: $120 – $130
    • Complete with box, booklet, and some games: $140 – $180
  • Lowest price on retailers: $245 (renewed)
  • Pre-owned price on GameStop: no longer available

How much is a PlayStation Vita Slim (PCH-2000) still worth?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A couple of years after the introduction of the Vita, Sony decided to release a revised version that was slimmer, more colorful, and had a different screen technology. The ergonomics were slightly improved and battery life saw a noticeable boost. Sony switched to cheaper LCD panels, but the introductory price didn’t change much: $199.99, directly competing with the 3DS XL from Nintendo.

Some people are huge fans of the OLED display technology of the original PS Vita (and rightfully so), which makes the second-hand market a bit more unpredictable. Both have their own distinct benefits and caveats, out of the two models, there’s not really one ‘best’ version.

Value overview of a PlayStation Vita Slim (LCD)

  • Introductory price: $249.99 (in 2014)
  • Average sold price on eBay: $120 – $170
    • With charger: $120 – $140
    • Complete with box, booklet, and some games: $120 – $170
  • Lowest price on Amazon: $280 (renewed)
  • Pre-owned price on GameStop: no longer available

How much is a PlayStation TV still worth?

Source: Amazon

The PlayStation Vita TV (usually abbreviated as PlayStation TV or PS TV) wasn’t exactly a successful product. The PlayStation TV was a console-only version of the PlayStation Vita and played PSOne, PSP, and PS Vita games on a large screen, but all games that were using some of the unique PS Vita functionality (such as the touchpad) weren’t playable or didn’t play under optimal conditions.

With the PlayStation TV, Sony wanted to launch a competitor to streaming boxes such as the Apple TV, with the added capability of it playing some games. The micro-console has the same internal hardware as a PlayStation Vita. Despite the low price tag of $99/€99, these things didn’t exactly sell like hotcakes.

Value overview of a PlayStation TV

  • Introductory price: $99 (in 2013)
  • Average sold price on eBay: $120 – $150
    • Complete with box and booklet: $120 – $150
  • Lowest price on Amazon: no longer available
  • Pre-owned price on GameStop: no longer available

Will (used) PS Vita consoles become even more valuable in the future?

In my opinion, it’s a pretty good bet that the prices of secondhand PlayStation Vita won’t come down anytime soon. There’s a limited number of consoles out there, as PlayStation Vitas were produced in much lower quantities than the Nintendo 3DS family, for example. Add in the fact that the homebrew and piracy community for the Vita is alive and kicking, and there’s not really a reason for prices to go down. Even after a decade, the Vita is still a sublime, small device that is perfect for some gaming on the go.

What about special/limited editions of the PlayStation Vita? Are they worth more?

Because the PlayStation Vita was not particularly a sales magnet, there haven’t been a lot of special or limited edition releases of the console. Most limited editions got released in Japan, including a PS Vita Hatsune Miku Limited Edition and a Minecraft Limited Edition. Danganronpa fans were also treated to a special version of the console in Japan.

Source: eBay

These special editions of the PS Vita are absolutely worth a lot more than the regular versions. For example, a Minecraft Vita console goes for around $249 on eBay, while the Hatsune Miku console will change hands for around $320.

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