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How Much Is A Sega Dreamcast Worth In 2023?

Back in the day, console wars weren’t fought by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – but there was another player that had some very interesting machines. Sega, the home to a certain blue-haired speedy hedgehog, released its very final console in 1999, the Dreamcast. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast didn’t prove to be a major success – after […]

Tech Info

What Is Intel Optane And Is It Still Worth Using Today?

When computer chip giant Intel first announced its Intel Optane technology, the expectations were immediately very high. The idea was fairly straightforward: what if you could combine the best of both worlds of a traditional hard drive (HDD) and a faster solid-state drive (SSD)? There have been experiments with this in the past and manufacturers […]

Buying & selling

How Much Is My (Used) PS Vita Worth In 2023?

Still got a PS Vita laying around and you’re wondering how much you can sell your old PlayStation Vita handheld for today? Or are you just curious to know what it’s still worth? Even though the PlayStation Vita is over a decade old and the sales numbers were quite disappointing, the handheld device by Sony […]