Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Guide – Giant Mushroom Island

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Trying to figure out where those precious Mokoko Seeds are in Lost Ark – Giant Mushroom Island? Even though there are more than a thousand Mokoko Seeds to collect, every single one of them is important and if you want to be the best Lost Ark player, you’re gonna need every Makoko seed you can find.

Need some help finding them on Giant Mushroom Island in the game? Here’s a guide with all the locations.

Giant Mushroom Island Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

Source: Lost Ark Codex

Even though the name suggests otherwise, Giant Mushroom Island actually isn’t that – well, giant. There are a total of four mokoko seeds to find here, and they’re all pretty easy to find.

Source: Lost Ark Map

The first mokoko seed can be found directly at the bottom of the island. And this is the Giant Mushroom Island, so the first mokoko seed is actually a bit hidden underneath one. Easy to glance over, but give it a thorough look and you’ll find this in no time.

Source: Lost Ark Map

For the second mokoko seed, you’ll want to visit the top right corner. As you can see, there are a couple of different pathways, so make sure to pick the utmost right one. Once you spot some giant flowers near a patch of grass, you’re close. The mokoko seed should be in this patch of grass, waiting to be found.

Source: Lost Ark Map

The third and fourth mokoko seed locations are at the top left, out of the island bounds. They’re both hidden inside a small house which you can reach via the left pathway. There’s a mokoko seed on both the left and right sides of the house.

Why collecting mokoko seeds is important

You can use mokoko seeds in Lost Ark for a number of different purposes – you can use them as currency and exchange them for items and blueprints, some of them even of epic and legendary quality. In the end, you can even find one of the fastest ships in all of the game indirectly by collecting mokoko seeds. Furthermore, you’ll be given a bonus for every fifty seeds you collect.

About Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is a fantasy free-to-play action role-playing game that’s played online with a massive amount of other players. The graphics are presented in a 2.5D top-down style and the game has a heavy focus on naval warfare. It was released in 2019 and is published by Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios.

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